TEEF Powder is a Voluntary Payment Company

You do not need to pay for TEEF Powder.  Ever.

Firstly, if you want to try TEEF Powder to see if you like it; Try the 20g for free by clicking here.


There are 3 more coupon codes that can be used for a 70g TEEF Powder on our Products PageTo use below codes you must have one or more 70g products in your cart first!

  1.  GIVISM - Gives you 1 of our 70g products entirely free, no payment method needed at all including shipping, if you have one or more 70g in your cart.
  2.  ATCOST - Gives you 1 of our 70g products at-cost, which is $8.00, if you have one or more 70g in your cart.
  3.  PAYITFORWARD - However many TEEF 70g you have in your cart, they will all be gifted to a random person who has ordered TEEF powder before.  You pay $12 each.  I will give them your email address (unless you say anonymous) so they can thank you if they want.

        Please do not use more than one of the above coupons at a time!  If you do I will send you one 70g product only, even if you had more in your cart.  I cannot make the cart only accept one of these coupons at a time, so I need your cooperation please.

Also I reserve the right to only send your mailing address one free or at cost 70g product per month, so please don't spam free orders :).  Thanks.

Also I accept donations via Doge, Paypal currently and will be accepting more platforms in the future:






Thank you for your support!

Click below picture for Products:

Why are we doing this?

We believe TEEF Powder is an essential product, and as such, the humane thing to do is give it away to those in need.  Just like Food, Water, Shelter, and Nature's Medicine, the ability to keep your mouth healthy is absolutely essential for a long, productive, and healthy life.  We believe we have the best product for that purpose on the market, and we encourage other companies to follow our lead not only in our voluntary payment business model, but also in our fluoride free remineralization technology to keep people's teeth healthy.  Giving works, our business has only grown since we started giving away 20g pouches in 2019.

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