Full Batch Recipe:

454g Tricalcium Phosphate TCP (MySpicer 705082)
30g  Tetracalcium Phosphate Peroxide TTCPP (NatureHacker)
20g Tetracalcium Phosphate TTCP (NatureHacker)
35g  ginseng extract (NuSci 30786)
3g gynostemma extract powder (98% Lesen)
18.5g Dicalcium phosphate DCP (Eisen-Golden Laboratories EG-CAHPO4-8)
15g proline (PureBulk 10912)
2g lysine (PureBulk)
0.5g magnesium citrate (NuSci 3344-18-1)
0.3g sodium citrate (Loud Wolf 6132-04-3)
0.2g zinc citrate (Swanson SW1234)
0.15g selenium (Swanson SWU171)
0.15g thiamin (Natures Way BLK8382)
0.15g biotin (now foods 0469B)
0.15g pantothenic acid (now foods 0486)
3 drops vitamin D3/K2 (thorne KD500)
15 drops black seed oil (Artizen Oils)
26 drops peppermint Essential Oil (eo)(Now Foods)
12 drops thyme eo (Now Foods)
10 drops carrot eo (Now Foods)
10 drops cinnamon eo (Now Foods)
8 drops lemongrass eo (Now Foods)
8 drops oregano eo (Now Foods)
5 drops blue chamomile eo (Mountain Rose)
5 drops eucalyptus eo (Now Foods)
5 drops clove eo (Now Foods)
4 drops fresh ginger eo (Mountain Rose)
3 drops orange eo (Now Foods)
3 drops rosemary eo (Now Foods)
3 drops nutmeg eo (Now Foods)

Do not add TTCPP to the grinder. grind in 2kg herb grinder but add only 200 TCP max to grinder.  If grinder needs oil use black seed to lubricate.


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