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Recently, we have gotten questions on how to use TEEF Powder. As a substitute to fluoride rich toothpaste and products, use TEEF Powder just as you would those.

Slide the Paper Halves apart vertically, do not try to unwrap the paper bag!

Moisten brush, shake off excess water, tap powder out onto toothbrush or dip into powder, and brush.  Double dip, and brush some more (your significant other can get their own pack!)  I love the Bigelow Toothbrushes with natural bristles and Bambun Silk Floss from Amazon!

The key to quality oral health is to remain consistent. The most important bit of information would be to brush twice a day and KEEP FLOSSING.

Also, you can get a oral care kit to remove plaque or build up from the gum line or between teeth.

If in doubt, visit your local dentist.


  1. on your youtube video you mention your fillings falling out and this powder replacing the filling? you have more details on this? how big were the holes or fillings? how long it take? photos? how long it took, any pain or discomfort?


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