TEEF Powder is designed with a few factors in mind.

Safety:  Only All-Natural and Organic plant and mineral based ingredients are used.
  1. Ginseng extract is used instead of chemical surfactants or even saponified oils.
  2. Amino Acids are used as chelators to combat hard water and improve mouthfeel and mineralization.
  3. Proven remineralizing Hydroxyapatite emulsion is used instead of fluoride or baking soda to strengthen enamel.
  4. Detoxifying essential oils instead of triclosan or stannous chloride (tin) or Silver (Which is a Heavy Metal).
  5. Fully non-abrasive (unlike baking soda) and aluminum-free (unlike bentonite clay)
Oral Detox:
  1. Broad spectrum essential oil blend will reset your oral environment into great health
  2. Essential oil blend designed to detoxify problems from all possible pathogenic bacteria 
  3. Organic essential oils used
  4. Coconut and black seed oil used 
Remineralization Promotion:
  1.  Osteoblast activity supported by soluble vitamins and minerals including D, K2, B vitamins
  2.  Proline and other amino acids that promote collagen support in teeth.
  3.  Hydroxiapatite proven remineralizer emulsion.
Pleasant Taste:
  1. No added sweeteners or artificial or even natural flavors.  
  2. Ginseng extract has low bitterness
  3. Essential oils provide a fresh flavor.


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