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TEEF Powder is a passion project of mine and I want to change the oral health of the world.  I do not believe we should be beholden to dentists or fluoride, I was firmly convinced that it is possible to care for our own oral health using natural remineralizers.  That was 6 years ago now and I haven't been to the dentist since, and my oral health has never been better!  In that time of using TEEF a cracked molar I had from using baking soda in 2014 is still healthy and a couple of my old fillings from decades ago have fallen out and not needed to be refilled!  I am just grateful I have discovered and developed this recipe and want to help the world.  To learn more: Products Page

This code will never expire and will always be good for free TEEF powder.  Simply click here:
and code SOJOURNER will automatically be added as a coupon code!  Just click the "checkout" button and you are set! This will give you a free 20g pack shipped for free anywhere in the world!  Please share this code with your friends on social media and consider buying a 70g pack (the brown one) at some point in the future to support us!

Thanks and Godspeed,


  1. thanks for the great content Sir l Will also share with my friends & once again thankss

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  2. Hi - looks like a great product. I use something with hydroxy apatite now, do you feel this is a better solution?

  3. I now received my package today in the mail , tyvm for your kindness my distant neighbor I
    hope you and your family are safe and in good health

  4. You are a wonderful wonder filled soul. You are imagination, curiousity,, invested investigative ingenuity and knowledge acquired , sei into action. You are , in a word, OUTSTANDING. May this dulled world reward you with much gratitude, and bountiful life, (and plenty of cash).


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