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TEEF Powder Organic Teeth Powder 4.5 Recipe

Try Latest TEEF Free!   For a while now the batch number is located on the back of the bag, on the bottom of the ingredients label in parenthesis.  Looks like: (4.5) 4.4 still allows for plaque which is usually actinomyces bacteria.  Thymol and Carvicrol are really the only things effective at supressing that bacteria. thyme 12 was 10 oregano 12 was 10 Full Batch Recipe: Makes 15 x 70g packs and 4 x 20g pack. Base 1000g Tricalcium Phosphate TCP (MySpicer 705082) Mineralizers 60g HAPPEN (Hydroxyapatite Peroxide Emulsified Nanoparticles) Natural Foaming 45g *ginseng extract (Badmonkey Botanicals 30%) Amino's and Natural Chelators 31g proline  (PureBulk 10912) 4g lysine    (PureBulk) 2g arginine  (PureBulk) 2g glycine   (PureBulk) 2g IP6       (Source Naturals SN1366) 1g histidine (PureBulk) 1g cystiene  (PureBulk) Vitamins and Minerals 1g magnesium citrate          (NuSci 3344-18-1) 1g sodium citrate             (Loud Wolf 6132-04-3) 0.5g potassium gluconate      (Purebulk) 0.2g pota