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TEEF 2.5 seems to be a tiny bit too high in Peroxide

If you have G6PD or Hemachromatosis (which I think I have) you may want to be careful with batch 2.5.  In this batch I increased the enamel supporting incredient Tetracalcium Phosphate Peroxide to nearly double it was before.  This ingredient seems to have a bit more integral peroxide than I originally imagined.  Next batch will have the peroxide % lowered but will maintain the current total Tetracalcium Phosphate percentage so we are not going to go backwards and keep our teef like diamonds!

Every Customer is Valuable

At TEEF we don't believe in consumers.  We believe in customers.  Every person that we please, we strongly believe, will be our Advocate's.  Every person we help will be a beacon of hope for their friends.  We know that if we produce true value for people that it will be returned to us as wind in our sails ten times over.

It is a simple philosophy but one we know has been proven time and again, immemorial.

Concrete steps we are taking to embody this philosophy is as follows and more to come:

1.  Listen to your feedback with an open mind and collaborate with you on how things can be improved.  Try to open dialog with you on your platform of choice so we know what is important to you.

2. Strive to continuously improve the product and methods.  Our founder is also our lead Researcher and Designer; fully commited to this product taking continuous steps towards perfection.

3. Give back in terms of converting profit efficiency gain from economy of scale into reinvesting into improvi…