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Packaging and price change coming in August

Try Natural Teeth Powder Free with Free Shipping! We at TEEF want to make a product that we ourselves would buy and think it is a good deal.  That is our goal, to add as much value as we can while keeping prices as low as possible.  I think you will love our future packaging.  Not only will it be a work of art on your countertop and have amazing functionality and make you feel proud to give it as a gift, but also it will store basically forever.  Stack 100 in your emergency stash and in 20 years they will likely still be fresh. The new packaging will cost us well upwards of $1-2 for each 70g pack of TEEF.  However we are going to eat half of that cost ourselves and only raise prices by $0.75 since we are so excited about the new functionality.  So the new price will be raised to $12.75 here instead of $12.00 and shipping to the US is of course still free.  Also we are going to launch on amazon the same exact product for $17 (edit now $14). The raise in price for the Amazon purchase

TEEF 2.5 Teeth Powder Recipe

Try Latest TEEF Free! Get ready to fly because in TEEF 2.5 we are going stratospheric! Our signature ingredient Tetracalcium phosphate peroxide has been boosted to unheard of levels, ~10% of the recipie.  Why? Because we can!  We hold nothing back! "Unneccesary" powder plant extracts are now removed and we are going to entirely rely on essential oils for microbe killing action.  The training wheels are off!  Bear with me as I begin to tweak the essential oil blend to accomodate this big change while maintaining the perfect balance of the oral microbiota.  The removed extracts include dark brown tribulus extract (was used as supplementary foaming agent, replaced with boost of white gynostemma extract), ginger extract (was used to fight campylobacter, replaced with ginger essential oil, future may get gingerol if we need more help against this bacteria ), wheatgrass juice powder (used to kill h pylori, replaced with boost of blue chamomile and carrot), and ga

TEEF 2.4

Try Organic TEEF Powder Free with Free Shipping! In 2.4 we made some minor but potentially powerful tweaks.  Based on my ongoing research there are several vitamins (not just minerals) that can also support healthy enamel repair osteoblast activity including vitamin D and K2.  Vitamin A hurts remineralization so avoid overdosing that.  Also from a protien creation perspective (teeth contain collagen and some keratin) biotin and pantothenic acid may also help.  We know of those from hair health, and teeth are somewhat related in my view. Anyway I think those two will help as well.  Next we add some essential oils namely fresh ginger and German chamomile (both from mountain rose, rest of the eos are NOW brand).  Ginger essential oil is one of the best against campylobacter and German chamomile is one of the best against h pylori; two of the most important bacteria in oral health, from what I remember they are involved with loosening of teeth and canker sores.  Also the foaming herb

Higher quality mixing of TEEF

Natural Teeth Powder Free with Free Shipping! Starting with the batch that just shipped out this week, we are using a new blending method.  I have noticed some uneven mixing of essential oils and herbal extract powders in the past with hand mixing the ingredients by shaking and mixing the product around in Ziploc bags.  We just recently acquired a professional herb grinder and are now using that to blend the TEEF Powder.  I have noticed truly zero clumps since making this switch.  I think you will notice a much higher quality product!