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Updated 2.0 Recipe...again.

NatureHacker is constantly improving previous recipes upon feedback or personal use.  Here is the latest version of TEEF Powder 2.0:

limonene is currently substituted for lemon eo and lemongrass eo due to lapse in supplies but will be switched back soon

70 g each

454g TCP food grade
10g Dicalcium phosphate
10g  proline
10g  gynostema extract
2g  tribulus
4g Ginger extract
4g Wheatgrass juice powder
3g Garlic extract
9 drops cinnamon Essential Oil (eo)
3 drops lemon eo
2 drops lemongrass eo
2 drops rosemary eo
5 drops clove eo
3 drops nutmeg eo
23 drops peppermint eo
10 drops thyme eo
5 drops oregano eo
8 drops carrot eo