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Updated Recipe!

Try Latest TEEF Free! First and foremost, we would like to thank everybody who has purchased the TEEF Powder 2.0 so far! Hopefully you are enjoying the results! In an effort to be transparent, we would like to update you with the current recipe. 454 g TCP food grade 27g TTCPP (tetracalcium phosphate peroxide) 10g  Dicalcium phosphate  10g L-proline 10g gynostemma extract powder 2g tribulus extract powder 4g Ginger extract powder 4g Wheatgrass juice powder 3g Garlic extract powder 5 drops cinnamon eo 3 drops lemon eo 2 drops lemongrass eo 2 drops rosemary eo 5 drops clove eo 3 drops nutmeg eo 17 drops peppermint eo 5 drops thyme eo 5 drops oregano eo 8 drops carrot eo It's the essential oils (eo) that have improved the taste and smell of this formula! 

Open for Business!

Try TEEF Powder Free with Free Shipping! Upon collaboration with NatureHacker and NatureHacker Products , it is time to release a couple of products designed to enhance your health. TEEF 2.0 : New version enhanced for taste with the same efficiency as the previous version. Improving and maintaining your oral health is important for your overall health. This is designed to replace the use of toothpaste.  Ingredients:  454g (681, 908) TCP food grade 27g (40, 54) TTCPP 10g (15, 20) Dicalcium phosphate 10g hydrolyzed protein 10g (15, 20) gynostemma extract 4g (6,8) ginger extract 4g (6,8) Broccoli Sprout Extract 3g (4,5, 6) Garlic extract 10 (22.5, 30) drops cinnamon eo 30 (15, 20) drops lemon eo 10 drops clove eo 20 drops peppermint eo Refresh : Organic essential oil blend designed to keep you alert. This is designed to be used in diffusers as aromatherapy.  Ingredients:  2 med droppers eucalyptus + 10 drops 2 big droppers thyme 2 d