TEEF 2.0:  The all-natural alternative to fluoride infected toothpaste. Enhanced for taste and
improved oral health. (White powder)

Refresh: Organic essential oil blend designed to keep you alert. Ingredients: Eucalyptus, Lemon, Lime and Thyme Uses: Diffusers


  1. I damaged my enamel badly with hydrogen peroxide. My enamel was deficient to begin with. Do you think your teef powder could help me? Any problems shipping to Canada?

    1. No problem shipping to Canada, just make sure to select the correct shipping method. I think it should help but can't guarantee anything. Just study the ingredients and you should be able to make an educated guess to the safety and possibility of helping.

    2. Thanks for replying. I understand that there's no guarantees. Ingredients seem pretty great to me. I had no idea you can damage tooth enamel by swishing with hydrogen peroxide. I learned the hard way. My question about problems shipping to Canada was mostly because I was concerned about customs. I know a lot of products get stopped at the border.

  2. After using TEEF this last time for 6 months in between dental visits, the hygienist could not get floss in between my teeth for the first time- it had always been tight but possible- I have been using TEEF for about 2 years. The dentist & hygienist both thot I was doing massive grinding to my teeth,especially this time, even though I had been wearing a plastic dental guard every nite. They even thot my enamel was wearing, but I told them I had no sensitivities, and that my teeth felt sturdier than ever.

    I speculate that the dentist and hygienist both think grinding because this adds on a rough coating to the teeth. They can not even tell it is an additional coating. As far as, not being able to get floss in between my teeth, likely I should lay off for awhile- use only when feel sensitivities. It is good that there no big gaps in between teeth that food particles get caught, but not being able to floss in between is too much most likely.

    What are your thots on this? What is the history of longer term user of TEEF? Any idea if the enamel will smooth out again if I lay off the TEEF? I never dreamed that the effects from this where so obvious to dental personnel.

    1. Hello Spartan. Sorry for the late reply. TEEF Powder should NOT replace using floss. Make sure you floss after each session with TEEF Powder. If normal floss isn't working, try using those plastic "flossers". Hope this helps!


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